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Emerging Technology

Emerging technology is a relative term, because individuals may see a technology as emerging and others may not see it the same way. According to, emerging technology is a new technology that is currently being developed, or will be developed within the next five to ten years. The new technology will substantially alter the business and social environment. 

Powerful technologies—including quantum computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning—are ushering in new and competitive risks and opportunities, and businesses often struggle to keep up with them.





of Canadian and global executives

see outdated technologies as barriers

to getting results from digital initiatives.

of Canadian executives see lack of

integration of new and existing

technologies as emerging and

existing barriers to their digital initiatives.

of Canadian and global executives

say their culture embraces rapid

change and disruption.


Benefits of Emerging Technologies

Emerging technology can improve people's lives in many ways. Technological advancements can assist people complete tasks more efficiently, keep them safer and healthier and also protect the environment. Not all technologies make it past the testing and development stage. However, those that do sometimes end up revolutionizing people's lives and, by extension, the world!


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