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Website Usability Testing

There are many variables to consider when creating and launching a new website. The website needs to be attractive enough that users want navigate within it. The website must contain all the information that the company wants to share with users in order to assist them achieve the objective for which they came to the website for. One of the most important aspects of launching a website is testing for usability. Internet users are accustomed to being able to determine how to use a website quickly. Users will not take the time to determine how to use a website that is not usable.  

What is Usability?         

Usability is how easy an object is to use. The object can be almost anything, including a machine, tool, process, book, software application or website. Anything that a person can interact with should be usable. In the case of websites, usability has been defined as the ease at which an average person can use the website to achieve specific goals.

Why is Website Usability Important?

Usability is so important because there are so many similar websites that users will go to the next website if the initial website visited is not usable. A website may appear enticing, but users will leave immediately if unable to determine how to navigate the website site quickly.

What is Usability Testing?

Usability Testing is a technique used to evaluate a website, by testing it on users. A scenario is configured where the tester performs a list of various tasks that a user who is using the website for the first time is likely to perform. Testing whether the website is usable will determine whether users are able to perform the tasks and any difficulties that may arise while doing so.

What To Do After Website Usability Testing is Complete

After receiving the results of a website usability test, compile the information and take note of any issues that were found. Review the amount of time it took to complete various tasks and determine the changes required so that users are able to complete these tasks easier and faster. Note any feedback provided by the tester and where this is not clear, contact the tester to clear any ambiguities. Make any changes that can improve the usability of the website as quickly as possible. As with any form of website testing, usability testing is an ongoing process so ensure to run usability tests again after the changes have been incorporated. This not only ensures that the changes made were appropriate but will additionally assist to discover new usability issues.

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Test Includes Video and Audio of Test with a Usability Summary Report - $49.99

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