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The Life of a Domainer

01 Nov 2018

Why Should I Blog? What Should I Blog?

It seems like there are so many people out there who are either struggling for ideas for their blog or want to start but do not know what topic to select. I am one of those people. I have started a blog, stopped and scrapped the idea even though I realize the benefits to blogging. I'd rather be earning business revenue rather than spending countless hours writing a blog. So after much deliberation, I came up with an idea. Since I am in the business of domain name investing, I will write my weekly diary of my thoughts, the highs and lows of what transpired during the week.


The Life of a Domainer

01 Dec 2018

Get Off My Butt!

In the beginning of my domain name career, I often said the word BUT. I was making an excuse about why I haven’t succeeded quickly enough in the industry given my business experience, communication skills and high level information technology skills. I realized very quickly I had to change my thought process and change my "but" to “and” or “so" such as:

  • But I began too late in the industry...
  • But all the good domain names are taken...
  • But expiring domain names sell for too much at auction...

My concesus is that I should not setup roadblocks to success, rather set up gateways. If someone provides an excuse, it makes my resolution stronger to succeed. For example:

  • I began too late in the industry > I’m going to work harder than everyone else.
  • All the good domain names are taken > I’m going to determine a method to locate the domains that everyone else overlooks.
  • Expiring domains sell for too much at auction > I’m going to determine how to purchase those domains before they go to auction.

The next I hear myself thinking "I could have but..." - I stop myself.‚Äč I think about how I can better myself, work smarter, practice longer, outwork my competition, specialize in a particuler area, be faster to the drop, and smarter to the purchase. If I want a particular domain name, think about how I can creatively acquire it. If I require mentorship, think about what I can give to get it. Excuses take away my choices, they take away my control… they hold me back.

I am determined to grow my knowledge, hone my skills and figure out my competitive advantage in the industry as a domain name investor. There is always a way!

The Life of a Domainer

01 Jan 2019

Daily Standard of Practice


It was necessary to determine what my day would look like in the life of a domainer. I decided to review my business plan, make adjustments to my goals and plan a “daily standard of practice”. An important criteria of the company’s business plan is to determine business objectives that translate into actionable short and long term business goals. Goals support the strategic plan and articulate the company’s strategy for achieving its mission and vision. Utilizing the SMART goal model (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely), the goals listed below were developed for DomainThread.

Daily Plan

  1. Review previous day sales reports (NameBio)
  2. Review business goals
  3. Watch 1-2 domain videos
  4. Read 1-2 blogs
  5. Social media marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  6. Mine specific marketplaces for domains (, Flippa, GoDaddy)
  7. Reach out to other domain name investors
  8. Website maintenance
  9. Domain management
  10. Play Domain Game (end of day)

SMART Short-Term Goals:

  • Develop industry knowledge
  • Increase traffic on website
  • Ramp up productivity
  • Reduce ongoing business expenses
  • Work on personal brand
  • Find new opportunities for networking
  • Improve financial health of the business
  • Perform regular SWOT analysis
  • Go paperless
  • Monthly sales plan

SMART Long-Term Goals:

  • Hire first employee
  • Create new employee incentive program
  • Create new customer service process
  • Develop new product or service
  • Revamp business plan
  • Increase market share
  • Annual sales plan

These goals are written to support activities that contribute to the company’s ability to move forward by increasing revenues, decreasing costs and improving the customer experience.