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Domain Support

Domain assistance is at your fingertips at DomainThread, where the answers to commonly asked questions may be found. If the answer to a question cannot be found, please contact us directly for further clarification on any domain name purchase.


How is a domain name purchased?

Complete information on the process to purchase a domain name from DomainThread is located on our Domains Sales page.

How is payment made?

For payment transactions under $1500.00, PayPal may be utilized. Buyer creates a PayPal account with secure links to the buyers bank, credit, and debit card details. Buyer logs into PayPal and will checkout securely with just an email and password.

For payment transactions above $1501.00, is utilized. Buyer creates a free account at and provides DomainThread the buyers email address associated with the account and the domain name to purchase. The transaction will begin at and will inform the buyer via email regarding payment options.

Who pays the Escrow transaction fee for the domain name above $1501.00?

The escrow transaction fee is paid by DomainThread and the transaction is completely free.

Can Escrow be utililized for a domain name under $1500.00?

If the buyer prefers to utilize to purchase a domain name under $1500.00, the buyer is responsible for the escrow fees and is approximately 10% of the domain names price.

Can payments be made in installments?

Installment options are not offered due to the complexity of domain names and must be paid in full via Paypal or Escrow services.

Can a domain name be leased?

Leasing options are not offered due to the complexity of domain names and must be paid in full via Paypal or Escrow services.

 Can a domain name be reserved with a small downpayment?

A reservation deposit of 20% of the overall domain name price is required and will only be reserved for 30 days for the domain name requested. The domain name will be removed from DomainThreads marketplace during this period. Once the 30 days have elasped and if the total payment for the domain name reserved is not received, the domain name will be returned to DomainThreads marketplace.

What is included with the domain name?

The majority of domain names are purchased as individual assets, unless it is otherwise stated.

How long does it take to transfer a domain name?

Once payment has been confirmed via PayPal or, the transfer process will be initiated. Depending on the domain extension and registrar, the typical transfer process will take between 1-7 days. However, if the domain name is transferred through a Domain Push between accounts within the same registrar, this process could be completed within a matter of minutes.

Which domain registrar should be utilized?

When it comes to selecting a domain registrar, it is usually up to the registrant. In most cases, DomainThread will be able to transfer the domain name to the preferred registrar. There are instances where the registrant will require registering an account with a specific registrar i.e. due to an active domain lock. DomainThread will advise if this situation applies to the domain name being purchased. DomainThread prefers buyers create an account at for ease of transaction.

Can a domain name order be cancelled?

Order cancellation may be under the following circumstances:

  • If the cancellation request is received and acknowledged within 3 days from the date, in which sales terms were agreed.
  • The PayPal or Escrow service has not begun.
  • The domain name has not been unlocked in preparation of the transfer.
  • The domain name is not in the process of being transferred or has been transferred.

DomainThread will review each order cancellation request on an individual basis.

What is the refund policy?

Payment for a domain name only takes place when a Paypal or an Escrow service has begun. Once the domain name has been transferred or is in the process of being transferred, DomainThread will not offer a refund. Any agreed refund requests may be subject to Administrative service fees.

What other costs are associated with owning a domain name?

Other costs associated with owning a domain name is dependent on how that domain name will be utilized. Typical costs may include:

  • Renewal Fee – Cost to renew the domain for 1 or more years.
  • Web Hosting – Monthly and/or annual cost to purchase web hosting to host one or more domain names and/or websites.
  • Additional extras such as SSL certificates, merchant fees to offer ecommerce solutions.
  • Speciality services such as SEO solutions to develop and improve online visibility and branding.