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Domain Services

Whether you are a domain name investor, startup or an established business, DomainThread can assist. From a domain appraisal to the acquisition or sale and the eventual transfer, our domain services provide individual support for all of your domain name requirements.

Our Services at a Glance

A range of services exclusively for DomainThread customers include but not limited to:

  • Evaluation of businesses’ current domain names.
  • Learning about a businesses' specific needs that may require new domain names.
  • Valuation of specific domain names.
  • History and ownership of a specific domain name.
  • Acquisition strategy of domain names.
  • Other possible domain alternatives (i.e. new extensions or variations on a name) to fit need with budget.
  • Negotiation with the domain owner or representative for specific domain names.
  • Provide neutral start to finish sales support from the opening offer to the completion of the domain name transfer.
Additionally, DomainThread offers freelance domain name services via the Upwork marketplace to clients around the world seeking assistance with their business domain name needs.

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